How to delete Grindr account

delete Grindr accountSo you downloaded the Grindr app, set up your profile and started picking favorites. It was fun for a while, but now you have either settled down or are just ready to move on with your life. So how exactly do you get rid of it? Well we all know that anything posted online can never really be deleted, but by following the next couple of steps, your account information will be PERMANENTLY deleted, so make sure you are not going to miss any of your “favorites” prior to doing this. The exact information that will be deleted will include the following; Grindr account email address, Profile Information (like your headline, about, etc.), Profile photo, favorites, blocks, and chats. It is highly suggested that you cancel your subscription PRIOR to deleting your profile; it is much easier that way because you can delete Grindr account your subscription yourself versus emailing Grindr to do it (for Andriod users, Apple users MUST delete subscriptions themselves) and you may get a partial refund.

For Apple and Android Apps (Note: You will need to cancel your subscription on the original device type/brand that you purchased it on.) Check out each of the following options and choose the one that applies to you.

To Delete Your Subscription – Apple

Step 1. Open the App Store on your device

Step 2. Tap Featured à Apple ID à View Apple ID

Step 3. Tap Managed App Subscriptions à Grindr Xtra

Step 4. Set Auto-Renewal to OFF

To Delete Your Subscription – Andriod (If you still have the app)

Step 1. Open Grindr

Step 2. Tap Menu à Settings à Grindr Xtra Store

Step 3. Tap Go To Store (this is where your renewal date is)

Step 4. Tap Cancel My Subscription à Continue

To Delete Your Subscription – On the Computer – Andriod

Send the following information in an email to

Your Grindr Account Email Address

Email address and phone number you used to purchase Grindr Xtra

Last four digits of the credit card used to make the purchase

To Delete Your Subscription – On the Computer – Apple

1. Open ITunes on your computer

2. Choose Store à Sing in for the Menu bar

3. Choose Store à View my account à enter password

4. When in Account Information scroll to Settings at the bottom of page

5. Next to Subscriptions à Click Manage

6. Next to the subscription you want to change à click Edit

7. On the Subscriptions page click the Off button next to Auto-Renewal

8. Click Turn Off to confirm

To Delete The App – General

Step 1. Open Grindr on your device

Step 2. Tap Grindr Mask à Settings à Privacy

Step 3. Tap Delete Profile à Confirm

You can also submit to Grindr’s technical support team a support ticket requesting to have your profile and information removed. Something to keep in mind: If you delete your Grindr profile and information using either of these methods, it cannot be recovered and you will also lose your subscription time. In addition, you will need to cancel your recurring subscription; otherwise you will keep paying for your profile even though it has been deleted. If you create a new profile, you will have to create (and pay for) another subscription. To delete your Grindr subscription AFTER deleting your profile account, the easiest way is to email Grindr and ask that they do it for you.

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