How to change profile on Grindr

Grindr is your number one mobile app for gay men to mingle and have some fun or start a relationship. It is also perfect for any man who is bi-sexual or is curious about their sexuality. The fact that it is used by millions of users around the world who are tagged by location makes it convenient to use. Meeting someone on this site is so simple and easy as you get suggestions of users near you. These factors plus its strict policies have made the site edge out the competition to become the best and most popular dating site in its niche.

For you to be eligible to join the community your profile has to be completed with your personal details. Having a great profile picture is also vital as it increases your chances of you meeting men, therefore; make it as good as possible. Some people prefer using their faces while others show their toned torso, whichever you decide, make sure to follow the required guidelines of the app.

Your profile also includes details like your ethnicity, age, height, weight and your location which you can choose to hide from your profile. You are also required to enter your relationship status, your interests and exactly what it is you are looking for on Grindr to make it easy to connect through customized filters. People are encouraged to be as truthful as possible to avoid duping others which gives the app a bad reputation.

Having created your profile, it is easy to want to change something like the location or profile picture depending on your preference. Below is how to change profile on Grindr:-

· To change your email address or password, go to menu then go to settings where you will see the “manage profile” tab. Click the option you want to change, make the necessary changes then click done to save.

· To change your profile details, follow the same procedure, click the menu, then go to settings and proceed to edit profile.

· This should give you all the personal information you entered, pick the one you want to change and click “Done” when you are finished.

To change your profile picture:-

· Click on the Grindr mask to access the “edit profile button.”

· On the top left corner of the picture box, tap on the thumbnail that says “tap to edit”.

· Take a new photo using your phone’s camera or choose an existing one from your device’s photo gallery.

· Crop the photo and thumbnail then confirm and click “Done”.

If ever in a quagmire about changing any details on your profile, simply click on the “support ticket” tab. This is where you submit a request to the Grindr team for help thus, be as specific and as clear as possible about your issue. Expect a response via email within 24 hours of submitting your query. If you follow the above steps on how to change profile on Grindr, you won’t need to wait 24 hours to have your questions answered as you can handle the issue yourself right on your profile as it is easy to do.