How to get Grindr if i under 18

Many social media apps have a strict age restriction with 18 years old being the threshold to be considered an adult. Such age restrictions are taken seriously by some apps although it is kind of hard to track someone’s age online. This has created a loophole that underage kids exploit to gain access to these sites. A simple warning concerning the same on the company’s terms and conditions – which many people as they are considered boring, tedious and a waste of time – is enough to make a company not liable for underage people who use or enter their sites.

Grindr, the geolocation social app for men who are gay, bisexual or bi-curious to chat and get dates is one such site. Its “strict” policy of not condoning people under 18 or 21 depending on the country of origin is only in words. Kids with smartphones running on Android, iOS or Blackberry OS – and there are many, have access to such sites. Here is how to get Grindr if I under 18:-

· Confirmation that one is at least 18 years is necessary to download the app for free from the respective platform’s app store thus affirmation to this fact is enough.

· To access Android’s Play Store, you need to have an email account with Google. For this, you have to be over 18 years of age so simply make sure your birthday reflects this or you won’t be successful.

· After installation, one is required to create their profile which requires one to enter their date of birth. You need to be prepared for this because if you are under 18 years you won’t be registered hence find an appropriate age.

· Make sure that you make it as believable as possible that you are not still in high school. Do not give away any information to that effect. Giving anything away that adult men can pick up on will not get you any interest as it is unlawful to engage in sexual activities with minors. Thus maintaining your cover on Grindr is requisite.

· You will only be eligible for the free app as Grindr Xtra needs payment to access additional features and online payments are impossible for kids under 18 years.

If one does not have a phone, getting Grindr on PC is the next best option which is as easy as getting the mobile version. Here is how to get Grindr if I under 18 on your personal computer:-

· Download an Android emulator and install it on your PC. BlueStacks is one such app.

· Open the emulator on your PC to get an Android platform replica on your computer.

· The Android platform comes with a Play Store where one downloads apps for free.

· Follow the procedure given to download and install the app on your computer then proceed to fill in your details.

· Always remember that any category that requires your age is the trickiest part, thus stay alert to avoid mistakes.

When all is said and done, being careful can go so far as many under 18 accounts have been closed on Grindr. Someone you know might recognize you and report you to your parents or the social site and that will be the end of it. Therefore, it is a risky business with the easiest part being how to get Grindr if I under 18.